TOTAL South Africa

Truck X EXPO
Brief: Conceptualise and execute an activation at TOTAL SA’s Truck X exhibition stand. Client requested something that would capture the attention of guests and at the same time promote their new products and create awareness on the new TOTAL card and the new Excellium Diesel. Client gave us the background of the event and the general target audience. We responded to client’s brief with 5 activation ideas which client then selected their favorite of the 5 being the TOTAL SA game show.


  • Create awareness for the TOTAL Excellium Diesel
  • Create awareness for the TOTAL card
  • Bring people to the stand, keep them entertained and give away Total prizes courtsey of Total S.A
  • Give the TOTAL staff a platform to engage with potential clients and provide more information about their product.


  • Awareness about the TOTAL card was raised
  • Awareness about the TOTAL excellium range
  • Foot traffic in the exhibition stand